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The sun rises slowly, warmly, and brightly over the forests American Timber Exports harvests for its high quality timber logs for veneer, veneer logs, sawn logs and lumber. The dawn's light starts the ever greening of the forests for continual rebirth and growth. The day's light rises and shines from East to West over thousands of kilometers and millions of hectares of woodlands. Our goal is to help you, our customer, cooperate with us for a longer time than it takes a tree to grow to maturity.

American Timber Exports specializes in red and white oak (Appalachian), hard and soft maple from Michigan, New York, New England and Canada, walnut (especially from Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky), black cherry (especially from Pennsylvania) hickory, ash, yellow birch, beech, poplar, cottonwood and basswood. Careful scaling, handling and shipping provided you the diameter, length, grade and yields to meet your needs. The logs, the kiln dried (KD) surface and rough lumber are prepared to your specifications. They are inspected by state and provincial foresters (certificates provided) to insure the quality and accuracy of the contents of the containers.

Our contract veneer manufactories produce the quality of the clipped and bundled veneers you want. Special and exotic veneers are also available. Located only 45 kilometers from Chicago's O'Hare Airport, the busiest in the world, a guide and speaker of your mother-tongue from your country will meet you at the airport and escort you and make your visit to the manufactories more enjoyable, pleasant and comfortable. Easy to reach from an airport near you, we welcome you to visit us and see several veneer factories to assure you find precisely what you want. These veneer factories, which can be reached by automobile within 3-4 hours, are located in nearby Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. You can inspect each bundle, see the veneer packed in the container, sealed, and sent to your business with your own eyes. If you wish to visit Chicago also, this can be arranged.